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Old Roads and Shadows (an eBook)

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Old Roads and Shadows (an eBook) - Now available at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other major eBook retailers.

Old Roads and Shadows

Unforeseen issues encountered on the World Wide Web required Laudizen King to remove his eBook “Mosaics” from all distribution channels. As a result, he has released “Old Roads and Shadows”, a collection of stories that blends “Mosaics” with a sampling of new writings

"Old Roads and Shadows" is a collection of stories, essays, and travels celebrating the joys, disappointments, friends, people, places, and events of a life fully lived. This collection includes many of Laudizen’s favorite stories, and span the decades of his life. From early childhood memories (Worms, September 1959) to his first glimpse through the portal of old age (In the Grass of Mt Diablo), this volume celebrates the passages of life. From a nostalgic look back at the hometown (Manchester Redux) to the Army years (Burial Detail), from the joy of young love (On a Beach on Nantucket) to a new beginning in California (In the Grass of Mt Diablo), these stories share the author’s feelings and emotions during moments of poignant personal insight and change. Within this collection are some of his favorite essays (Dreams of a Young Man, Murder at Midnight), appreciations (Bobby Fisher, Joan Osborne), and tales of adventure in wild mountain places (Leigh Lake, Mt San Gorgonio, Blood Mountain). So come along and join the author on his travels; you will appreciate your own journey through life all the more, and cherish anew the people, places, and fleeting moments that make the human experience so grand. The volume also includes ‘The Cuyamaca Mountains – Joy and Renewal’, the authors moving account on the importance of wild areas and how they refresh the human spirit.


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Contains the following stories:

A Special Cup of Coffee
Joan Osborne
The Ocean House
Bobby Fischer - In Memoriam
The Cosmic Bridge of November 1999
Talking to Carla Jean
Murder at Midnight
Blood Mountain
Brautigan Gift
Dog-Day Afternoon in the Laguna Mountains
Salters Pond, Beau Geste, and the Return of the Vikings
Snow Day
A Husband Dies
Cheers and Slainte
Burial Detail
On a Beach on Nantucket
La Grange
Mt San Jacinto, Winter 1991
Mt San Jacinto, Summer 1992
September 1959
Out of a Blue Sky
Mt San Gorgonio
Leigh Lake
Paper and Fire
Manchester Redux
The Dreams of a Young Man
Empty Bottle
I'm Seeing Keith Richards in the Morning
In the Grass of Mt Diablo
With Carlton Fisk, Forever
Induced Enlistee
First Flights
Leaving the Army
Snow Day at the Dugout
Off the Shoulder of Orion
In the Mind of the Artist
Baseball and Coffee
Foul Ball
Sto Lat
Sentinel Snow
October 5, 1980
Pasadena Lunch
Scouting, and the Tattoo Merit Badge
Chairman of the Board
The Product
The Fokker U 2
Piece of Work
Death Valley Wind
Awash and Adrift on the Hockanum River
Little Tokyo Moment
Born to Love Baseball
Heinrich Harrer
Song for Hollister
The Road to Paradise
Oscar Wilde on Death
The Queen City
Incident at Evergreen Lodge
Cuyamaca Mountains - Joy and Renewal

(approx 110,000 words)