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About Laudizen King

About Laudizen King

Laudizen King is the penname of writer TK Nolan. He was born in Manchester, Connecticut and served with the US Army in Military Intelligence during the Vietnam War. Following his years in the US Army, he pursued a career in project management along with his passions for motorcycling, photography, and exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

His poetry has been published in the US by the Wilderness House Literary Review and in the UK by Gloom Cupboard. His stories have appeared in the Tonopah Review, Word Catalyst Magazine, the MilSpeak Memo, the Raving Dove Literary Journal, and the Wilderness House Literary Review.

A story, "Passages in Stone", appeared in the 2011 anthology, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandmothers".

He currently lives in Modesto, California.

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