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La Languedoc


La Languedoc

Almost forty years ago,
on a rainy summer night
in those mystical salad
days of youth,
when all of life was
love and discovery,
I tasted Coquilles St Jacques
for the first time at the
French restaurant,
La Languedoc,
in downtown Nantucket.

Today, an old man on a dry
summer afternoon in
California, I scanned the home
locations of visitors to my
website and discover that an
unknown cyber-sailor from
in France, has dropped
anchor in the welcoming confines
of my internet harbor
to read my story of
youth and love on
Nantucket Island
so long ago.

I feel a quick flash of
timelessness: I am old and
young, of every
era and connected to
all peoples and
places, and all things
are connected to me.
As I slowly
return to the present,
I close my eyes and
turn my gaze upwards to feel
the warm rains of summers
gone-by falling softly
on my face.


Los Angeles