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Draw Me


Draw Me

Draw me from your heart's furnace
  and pour me in your mold,
  red and flowing liquid
  of flesh that turned to gold.

Draw me with your gentle light
  as a moth would go to flame,
  and show me with your softest glow
  what travels down love's lane.

Draw me on a frozen window
  etched in crystals fine,
  the handiwork of gentle fingers
  grasping me in time.

Draw my water high on you
  like the shore that seeks the moon,
  show me in your tidal pools
  the sweetness of your bloom.

Draw the gentle bird to nectar
  as it seeks the open flower,
  and show me what is best in life
  as I revel in your power.

Draw me as the bee to honey
  that wants the softest rose,
  and let me gather all I can
  and lay in true repose.

Draw me with your siren song
  as mice would follow flute,
  and give me all you have to give
  and I will follow suit.

Draw me to your open arms
  and show the way ahead,
  you will lead and I will follow
  as you take me to your bed.

Draw us both in love that night
  and sketch our life as one,
  and we will touch the glory then
  of all that is to come.