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Bobby Fischer - In Memoriam


Bobby Fischer - In Memoriam

Remembering the troubled chess genius


Old Roads and Shadows

The following stories appear in the eBook, 'Old Roads and Shadows'. Some stories have been removed from this website while the book is in publication and are only available by download through the Ebook. For more info visit Ebooks.

Breakfast in Pahrump
The Dreams of a Young Man
A Special Cup of Coffee
Joan Osborne
The Ocean House
Bobby Fischer - In Memoriam
The Cosmic Bridge of November 1999
Talking to Carla Jean
Murder at Midnight
Blood Mountain
Brautigan Gift
Dog-Day Afternoon in the Laguna Mountains
Salters Pond, Beau Geste, and the Return of the Vikings
Snow Day
A Husband Dies
Passages in Stone
Cheers and Slainte
Burial Detail
Bridge Inspection
On a Beach on Nantucket
La Grange
Mt San Jacinto, Winter 1991
Mt San Jacinto, Summer 1992
September 1959
Out of a Blue Sky
Mt San Gorgonio
Leigh Lake
Paper and Fire
Manchester Redux
Remembering the Dugout and Larry Lisciotti
Empty Bottle
My AMC White Mountain Guides
Through the Past Darkly with Sven Saws and Candle Lanterns
I'm Seeing Keith Richards in the Morning
In the Grass of Mt Diablo