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On Remembering Ray Evans

(What follows is a letter from Jack Boudreau, who met Ray Evans when Jack was a teenager.  LK)



I want to thank you for the piece you wrote about Ray Evans and your meetings. I was fortunate enough to have known him when I was  a teen, and he told me stories of his time working for my family at Crawford House. My Great Great Uncle Col. Wm A. Barron was the owner and operator of Crawford House, as my Great Great Grandfather A.T. Barron bought the hotel in 1878. Ray worked for Col. Billy Barron at Crawford House, and told me he was a good man to work for, which meant a lot coming from Ray. Thanks again for your piece, it brought back fond memories!

Jack Boudreau
Rockport, Massachusetts
May, 2013

The Evans family are counted among my friends, and I have forwarded your piece to Rays son Brian, though he may already have seen it! Thanks again! Jack Boudreau


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