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On Remembering Ray Evans

(What follows is a letter from the granddaughter of Ray Evans. Ray lived an amazing life; he was a well-known hiker, outdoor enthusiast, historian, and denizen of the White Mountains of New Hampshire throughout most of the twentieth century.  LK)



Good afternoon Mr. King.

My name is Courtney Evans Simpson, and I am Ray's granddaughter. I found your post on the internet quite randomly and was very impressed on the nice things that you had to say about him. My grandfather loved the mountains as much as he loved his family and I am very happy that someone out there got to know him better before time caught up to him. Grandpa Ray will always stand in my mind as a very tall and proud man who worked tirelessly to provide for his family and give back to his community.

Grandpa loved everything to do with the White Mountains, especially the railroads.

Thank you so much for remembering him.

Courtney Simpson
September, 2011


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