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Letter 2- Remembering Manchester

(note: I received this second letter from Frank the next day. Thank you,     Laudizen)


Hi-----I read about the fire, the pool hall, and about Larry Lisciotti. I'm sorry to say I never heard of Larry, it sounds like he was an interesting person, someone I would have liked to hang out with. I liked to shoot some pool but was never very good at it.
I read with great interest your stories about our town from years gone by and find that our lives, like so many other children of that era came close to being identical in the way we thought, played, worked, and enjoyed life to its fullest.
The following is from "Snowday at the Dugout" when you wrote: "When I look back at those years, I can’t help but think of today’s youth, insular and aloof, playing computer games, or watching TV in their bedrooms as fearful parents mistrust everything in the outside world. How sad and disappointing this situation seems to me, what recollections will these kids have of their childhood and young adult years."
My wife and I over the years have said this many-many times.
February of 2008 I attended a Reunion in St Pete Fla. It's called the ‘Manchester Reunion’ and they hold it once per year. Last year was the first one I went to. Met friends I had grown up with but had not seen for 50 or so years. It was a thrill and we talked about all the hell we use to raise way back then. It was a fun day. I plan on going back next year. Most of the people that go graduated or went to schools in Manchester. All together about 250 people.

Well---take good care of yourself and best regards     Frank

Frank McGann
Pottstown, Pa
March 5, 2009