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Letter - Remembering Manchester

(note: I received the letter below through the 'Contact Us' email on the website. It is from a former resident of Manchester who 'stumbled across' the site by accident. Thank you, Frank     Laudizen)


Hi----I happen to have stumbled across your web page and was surprised and delighted. It brought back many of my own days growing up in Manchester, Ct. Although I grew up on the east side of town (Spruce Street and Birch) I was very familiar with the areas you were talking about. I use to shoot some pool at the Dugout, swim at Salters and Globe Hollow, picked tobacco. Only thing is, I did mine in the early to late forties. Manchester was a great town back then. I joined the Navy in 1951 thru 1955 when I was discharged. I married and lived on Chestnut Street near the Center Park. I moved out of Connecticut in March 1960 because of my job.
Any how, just thought I would write and let you know how much I enjoyed your articles. Take care. 

Frank McGann
Pottstown, Pa
March 4, 2009