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Audrey Smith

(Note: To reconnect with Audrey because of 'Manchester Redux' is one of those special pleasures that I find so hard to describe. I carry fine memories of the gatherings we enjoyed at her home, and of how genuine and warm her parents were to all of Audrey's friends.

There are other reasons to celebrate reuniting with Audrey, and that is to acknowledge the project work that she is involved with in South Africa as a member of the faculty at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Please visit the website for PLATW (Project Learning Around The World) and donate if you can.   Laudizen King) 

"All monies donated will go directly to purchasing equipment, textbooks or supplies for rural township schools in South Africa."     

Audrey Smith Ellenwood

Hello.   Do you remember me????  Audrey Smith Ellenwood from Manchester, Ct.   I went to my class reunion and heard about your site--thought I would say hello and read some of your writing--nice to see your life's work!!

I have also started a project which is getting a lot of press--maybe you would like to read about it, the Project Learning Around the World!

Nice to cross paths again--I also fondly remember Salters, Bowers, my house, playing pool, the dugout etc!  Fun memories!!   Audrey

Audrey E. Ellenwood, Ph.D.
Psychologist Associate Professor and Coordinator, School Psychology EDIS
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
419 372-9848 (office)
419 350-6071 (cell)